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It only took a month and a half -and on a day that hasn't even come to exist yet - for you to grace us once again. I would say you are either truly bored or truly inspired, although, I doubt the former and assume the latter.

I don't claim to know anymore than the next guy - for that would make me a liar - but I can easily say (the truth gives me confidence) that I share, or, possess, the lonely, venture-going mind filled with trepidation hoping to be quelled by expedition and constant occurrences of choice - red or green pill, you live and you learn.

My wanderlust drives me in a world of societal norms. It drives me to get out and, literally, hit the pavement, or dirt, or whatever terra firma may be. I hope to live, as Whitman, the Song of the Open Road. Where answers are no longer necessary, because one already possesses everything one needs, but are just as prone to appear in wanderings - but, not wonderings.

Everyone has, at least, one book in 'em. How will you pen yours? The road will take you there, whether non road or road, a road nonetheless.


The Jean-Louis Lebris to your Eric Arthur.

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