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Kim Crawford

hey big brother! i like ur site...i wish mine was as good as urs was...well i guess it will never be as good as this one unless u FINISH IT!!!
jk i will try to do it...but i dont cuz someone had to show me how to drink vodka...haha jk lol
buhbya cya im out!

Richard Ames

Some folk who think they're left are actually libertarian. Maybe you.


An army medic/nurse that supports the core values of the healthcare system and the military... How radical!

The only thing that puts you left of centre compared to your peers (for example, me) is that you care enough about the environment to let reform inconvience you.

Bring on the renewable sources of energy, the Kyoto Accord and solar powered flashlight, as long as tearing around in my rice burner doesn't cost me one extra penny cuz of you... ya damned lefty!


a moron/baffoon who is clearly well ahead of himself and his steady spewing of all too paltry assuming assertions. Don't trip!

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