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The seriousness of this last entry upset me. In an already all to serious time in our lives, with numerous books, facts, and tests of knowledge coming our way I am disheartened to find that you post about such an uncomical issue...if that is a word...it causes me nothing but headaches in a time such as this. I need to come here to get away from what is happening in life and you hit me with this tale from a nursing TEXTBOOK! Oye, i need a poem, or a new vision of some sorts. Please, no more "school" related things, they drive the stake that much deeper. I'm just messing around really. We are faced with harsh times for the moment, but all will be over soon. Blogging, I hope, will recover with full vigour and sieze the day to triumph over us all once again. Vive la Blog (...after exams).

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