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of course i vote for it to stay...you just need to find more inspiration in the stories...i want to here about how the privates stand at attention...and how the corporals romp about the barricks all night. dont drop the soap i say. I want to hear the bizzarre and ridiculousness that is our canadian army.

Chris Crawford

1 vote....thats it.... Well not bad, I supose that I could look at as 100% voter turn out.


20 days remaining.... thats how long I have left of my free trial...so I have decided dut to poor voter turn out that I will keep the darkside of the moon alive. and hopefull I will have a few more comments here when my 20 days is up..for that will be the day of judgment.


listen man...you come to me saying you need more...well i gave you more...and for one thing i dont know if you saw it...you never commented on it...its still there though...directed at you...anyway you may have seen it...well there are others out there you know...we all need more....so what are you doing....you gotta give a little something for the people...and hey, dont waorry about the voter turnout...as time goes on you will get more and more people. I am starting to have people from google get in to my site through accidental searches...to see more on this go to bills site and then find the link on the right that is called haunted attractions..the most recent (march 12 i think) post and comments deal with the google thing...anyway it seems our friends are not nearyl as big of nerds as we had originally thought...could it be that we hold complete nerd supremacy over themm all...except for dan and jason, but they are beyond these things...you know dan wont ever caomment, let alone look at these things...blogs canada will come through in time...its all about time...

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