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can you tell I am getting ready to write my exams? I am blogging about coffee !!! I love being the first to comment on my own work.


I have to play the Devil's Advocate here for a bit. Although I have not been an avid coffee drinker for a very long time, I have been purchasing hot chocolate from Tim's for a very long while, but still not enough to notice any sort of change. I am sure that what you say is happening is quite true. I see it as we speak, or rather, as I write. However, I have to say that perhaps you, no, most definitely, you are unlucky. Sixty cups o'coffee and not a single free donut to show for it. I, on the other hand, have won three times out of an approximate twelve to fifteen chances. Not to mention the several that I accidently through into the garbage before "R-R-R-Rolling up the R-R-R-Rim." Perhaps I had the winning cup with the truck tucked away, hidden forever under that unrolled rim. I am just going to assume that I didn't, but I will never know. Stats are now in your favour. The more you play and don't win, the better your chances of becoming a big donut winner are. Keep playing, keep buying. It is not like you or I buy more Tim's just because of the promotion. I certainly don't. The only thing the promotion has me doing that is out of the ordinary is struggling with teeth, nails, and keys to get that little bugger of a Rim to unfold...I hate when it says "Please Play Again!"


I think you are right. I have bought around 30 roll up the rim cups in 2004 and I have only won 2 donuts,1 cookie,1 muffin and 1 coffee. allthat for around i dont know, 36 dollars! They should have more winners, and less losers. This contest is a rip-off!


Did you guys know that you can only claim those
'winners' during the promotion period? I am left with 3 useless 'winners' What a rip-off.

Tracy Moore

I'm a reporter with Toronto1 and I'm working on a story today (Mar 3/05) about Tim Horton's Roll up the Rim contest. I want to look into what people's real chances are of winning any prize. I noticed a few of you have had little luck with winning any prizes with this contest, and I would love to interview someone about this. The interview can take place anywhere in the GTA area at any point between 11am and 3pm.
Please call me at: (416) 936-0147 or email me back.
Tracy Moore

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