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you want to thank me for leaving you while you were in pain and pissed off and on the verge of tears. What can i say. I am a good friend. anyone else would have stayed and tried to help. I checked in with you. you were alive. "K" was there and that was that. I did my job and went on my way. and that, my friend, is why you thank me. and of course i expect no less from you. just make sure i am ok and alive and have some sort of help and then leave me alone, unless i call out otherwise. but next time...dont go skiing with me. you and i have a perfect 2 for 2 record. the first time i thought you were dead, and then just paralyzed. this time i thought you were being an idiot. but both times you proved me wrong it would seem. peace!


i somewhat feel responible for this incidence ur body found itself into. i pondered the thought that maybe i shouldnt have encouraged the idea but u know, i think back to how much fun u were having and how wicked it was to see u huk off the table and it was all worth it, besides...your body is now in balance. you had one corrected knee and the other one was always just hangin out feelin left out and jealous that nobody cared about the fact that it was a little screwed up too. So now ur body is in tune, and free of conflicts. i am sounding zen, as you would say, but i think its a pretty good theory. and at least i was helpfull dragging u both on the hill and off. i was there for u then and will always be there for u. Love "K"

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