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Uhh, but honestly what does happen when you package something up nicely and have Paris Hilton seen wearing it on MTV. The mindless are taken in. Kids are, at least I was, steadfast and stubborn in their ways, but when they get to be teens and adults and have a mind of their own, well that is the time when they are most vulnerable to having someone think for them. That is the time when they are most likely to fall for something like this. No doubt I agree with you that this new packaging will do nothing in the grand scheme of things. Only a few mindless fence-sitters will be sucked in by the new name and looks. The rest of us will go on as we always have. I really am actually having a hard time understanding why this was such a big deal in the first place. Why did it aatract so much attention. I guess that is easy for me to ask when I couldn't care less about the conservatives. Obviously some people out there care, and god for them. Steven Harper is just gonna be another guy in a new party that does nothing out of the ordinary for anyone. Robert Loblaw meet Steven Harper. Big deal. So what. I have said it before and I will say it again; Let French women marry English women and French Men marry English Men and let them speak to each other in their native national tongues and let them do so while getting high on their own personal stashes of marijuana.


so true, the new packaging will drawn in a few fence sitters, and the media coverage of the conservative party will no doubt effect the decission of many uneducated voters. But like corporate america,and all great poker player, the liberals 'see' the conservatives new look, and raise then, one new Logo.


Ooohh, more new pacakging..what will I do as a brain-washed consumer....who will I vote for.....what product will I buy? blue or red, pepsi or coke? Liberal or conservitive ?

Ah who cares,your right, I am going to smoke up with french canadians, and my gay neigbours....while I still can.




We should get Al Sharpton to run in Canada. Oh, and why do you suppose a Canadian is able to join the American killing machine err...army, yet a foreign born, full-fledged American citizen is not allowed to run for President? Wait, I guess that pertains to your other post, on the "Darkside of the Moon" page. Either way.


Dear Sir:

If you think for a minute that we have escaped harm in avoiding conflict with Iraq issues think again. Take a look at history, there is a larger story here at work and the Americans need our help, as what is coming will be our undoing if we do nothing now. Islamic fundimentalism and its building momentum will stop at nothing in destroying our western way of life, just study up on it. I know the ties existed between Al quaida and Iraq this was quite well documented under the Clinton administration.
Indeed you may not wish to commit to war but let me tell you brother it is upon you!! Wake up!!
I predict the other nations of Islam, I.E. Iran coming into complete conflict shortly. This is the begining.
I support Mr. Harper's stance as we need to support our neighbours, and halt the advancement of the Islamic Terrorist machine.
Mike Virtanen, Ex-Canadian Soldier

Chris Crawford

so is better that we iradicate islam, or that the iradicate us ?? I have no doubt that your are correct about the possibilites, however I would argue that we (the west) are looking at this situation vary one sidedly. the United states has become involved in a conflict that it didnt need to get involved in. Sadam is diffrent from biladen, Iraq is diffrent from Iran, I think Mr. bush may be slightly confused. This however doesnt surprise me, after all most americans can not identify their own home town on a map of america, so why should we expect them to differetiate between middel easter countries.But that aside...Even if I am completly off the mark on these points the fact of the matter ramians that some of the basic fundamentals of Steven harpers platform go directly agains rights and freedoms that canadians cherish, such as gay rights, a womens right to choose, and a socialist health care system.

I do belevie that it is to late to sit back and watch, Canada has already climbed abourd the american band wagon, and yes sir you are correct we are no a target for islamic fundamentalists....so with that said...perhaps steven harper would be a viable choise...after all what good are rights and freedomes if you cannot safley enjoy them

Chris Crawford
Canadian Soilder - posted to CFB borden


Actually, Rowdy Roddy Piper's feature film debut was not 'Future Kill', it was 'They Live'. That is a great line he has though. ;)


I find that everyone has a lot to say but still their words are emtpy and meaningless. It shows a lot when you simply say that both main parties are evil and which one is lesser. This is such a mundane approach to your nation. The situation in our nation's capital is very urgent. So what, no spring election, it doesn't matter!! The Gomery inquiry is just a taste of the scum that pervades our government.

But what's more important is the world happening while we bicker and try and plug all the leaks in our rotting government. What's needed is a new strategy and a change, and a change is very hard for many folks to accept, I don't expect any of you to fully enjoy it and I will probably not fully enjoy it, but in the end it will be to our benefit. A stronger military, more visible and beneficial foreign policy, a government that answers to the public (not simply saying that nothing is wrong and that everything is alright). Take a look at us through the world's perspective, you will see how other nation's view ours...they see that there is a big problem in our governing body, and this is really affecting markets and policies the world over. We are losing trust most importantly to our neighboors, the US.

We have a choice, Canada...stay the road of weakness, fighting with each other on issues of sexual preferences and whether or not we should be legally allowed to ignore reality and get high whenever we please. The other choice is be happy with the rights and the freedoms we enjoy in our social democracy, and begin forming new bonds within our great nation, re-create a strong military that we can send the world over in times of need and objectively look at our closer relationships, those with the US and Mexico.

A little bit a of common sense for the everyday Canadian. All you gotta do is think outside the box. Good luck.


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