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Visist http://www.brandingblog.com/ , this is the blog of the guy who wrote the book about blogs. Being that he is the blogging expert, I am sure that his blog is ...well....blog-o-lishous !!


Let me tell you somethiing about blogs....they RuLE! Wow, before today I would have considered myself a huge dork for saying such a thing. Well, I guess nothing has changed, I am still a dork, but everyone is hoping on this wagon and taking it for a ride. Blogs, Friendship Networks, etc. People are down. And it is not limited to the nerds and geeks etc, it is everyone. It is the generation. Some are faster than others to pick up on these things thats all. I just started blogging three months ago. Imgaine somebody blogging 3 years ago. Oh yeah it happened. Now those guys are geeks. Just kidding, But still, I would like to think that they are higher up in the dork chain than I am. Is that good? Well maybe not for the future, but in present day social standings that is pretty good. Although I am sure Bill Gates really doesn't hate his life. Anyway, the guy that wrote the blogging book says that everyone has a storry to tell; very poetic guy. Let me help him, with the help of Mr. Kerouac who will live on as long as I do, by saying :"The fact was I had the vision...I think everyone has...what we lack is the method." It appears now that we have the method. Albeit, not everyone is a Kerouac as far as writing ability, but now millions upon millions have the medium, the method. Join me at Friendster.com. I will be your online friend.



its a cool book list, I dont know if it has the blog book on but, I feel better doing this than sending my self an email,

David Young

Chris! Thanks for the nice comments about my book. You've got a great-looking blog. Looking forward to reading more.

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