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I have managed to spend every summer for the past five years with different groups of people. Every year when I return home I find that a new trait, or quality has been added to my personality, and more often than not catch words or phrases, have entered my vocabulary. I wouldn’t consider myself to be someone who easily influenced by others, but perhaps I should.
Looking into my life it is hard for me to identify any one action, or even a thought that is truly my own. This collection Ideas, traits, and beliefs however are uniquely my own. They are spawned from my own life experiences, and deeply rooted in my relationships with others. In a way I am like you parents living room, nothing in that room is truly unique. The sofa was purchased at Sears in the late 80’s, the coffee table belonged to you uncle Gordon, the porcelain nick knacks on the shelf, were produced by the millions in china. There is the same semi-shag carpet lining the floor in you girlfriends basement. And the new light fixtures were introduced after the giant home depot sale last month. Individually nothing in the room is unique, but the cheesy tack that is created, when a old brown sofa with a orange and yellow blanket on the corner combine with flowery drapes, can only be found in one place.
I am 22, and perusing a degree, and I will be in postsecondary education the next 4 years. I work for the army reserve as a medic, and spend the free time that I don’t have climbing, reading, and engaged in general socialization. I listen to punk rock, but am receptive to anything that can be classified a good music. My favorite author, although this changes frequently, is still Eric Arthur Blair.